Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Searching for People on the Internet

When looking for a person on the Internet, Google is fine but there are a few services that are made to perform people searches better.

Here are three sites that can be valuable when looking for an online presence:
The more you know about someone, the more your search will be productive. Think about these items when planning a search:
  1. Does this person belong to any clubs or associations?
  2. Do they have a hobby that may result in some Internet presence?
  3. Can you focus on a location?
  4. Do you know their approximate age?
  5. Would this person be using job search or job networking sites like LinkedIn?
If any of these sites turn up an address, you could always then try YAHOO People Search, a telephone search site, etc. to get a valid phone number.

Give them a try. Start by using yourself as your first search target. That should help you to understand what each of these sites is capable of - and not capable of - when planning future searches.

Good luck!

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